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About Us

We're a self-publishing company dedicated to helping authors navigate the vastly complex and fiercely competitive publication process, offering key advice on the writing, editing, and publishing process and services that ranging from editing and proofreading to book coaching and brand consultation.



To support and inspire writers to live a thousand lives in a lifetime— one story at a time.


We want to spread creativity and light, empowering authors to share their stories, refine their craft, define their brand, and succeed in the unprecedented competitive market of today.


To help create a world where new authors can be heard, whether or not they already have a platform with thousands of people listening.

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Everything we do, we do because we love the craft of writing, helping others, and sharing as much creativity with the world as we can.


We wholeheartedly believe in and live these values, chase the vision, and work tirelessly toward our mission. We keep our word, always placing the goal of helping writers and creators as our top priority.


We care about the world and everyone in it. We will always use our platform to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to make sure that everyone has a voice, and we will always stand up against inequality. We will practice business sustainably and do our part to positively impact the environment however we can, scaling these efforts in tandem with our growth.



Kirsten Hege originally founded Streamwrite Publishing to list alongside her own name in the process of independently publishing her first book, The Walls We Build: A Collection of Poetry and Prose. It wasn't long after her experience navigating the complex nature of self-publishing that she knew she wanted to help other independent authors do the same. And so, Streamwrite Publishing was born into what it has become today.

Kirsten is a writer, editor, marketing specialist, and mental health enthusiast based in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. She lives with her fiancee; their three cats - Josie, Scout, and Poe; and their beloved pub, Theo. 

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