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15 Inspiring plant-themed home libraries to swoon over

Why fill your home library with plants?

Here are six science-backed reasons.

  1. They boost your mental health

  2. They help you focused and boost productivity

  3. They benefit the environment

  4. They improve the air quality to aid in breathing and rest

  5. They can help improve your physical health and even shorten and prevent illness

  6. They improve overall mood and can make work or reading more enjoyable *

Here are our top fifteen most inspiring and inviting plant-themed home libraries.

1. This studious sunroom with tons of natural light.

We imagine this room holds more than its fair share of mystery and thriller novels.

2. This industrial, loft-style library with a Moroccan-tile flair.

There's no doubt that George Orwell and Jack Kerouac live on those shelves.

3. This minimalist reading room for those looking to cozy up in a clutter-free space.

Your options are...

1. Read Brené Brown

2. Read F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. This mini home library that features plants and would work in almost any tiny apartment.

Designed for reading Jeffrey Eugenides and drink lattes.

5. This Hollywood style home library for bookish folks that live for color and glamour.

Made for reading Lauren Weisberger, no doubt.

library in home with many plants light academia

6. You couldn't tear us from this dreamy library that's equal parts books and plants.

Bonus points to the homeowner for the adorable, vintage pots. This room is made for reading Emily Dickinson.

7. Vintage, industrial, books, plants? We're there.

This specific one is actually in a converted factory in Barcelona, which is now, apparently, a new life goal of ours. This room is for reading Chuck Palahniuk.

8. Labeled vintage and moody, this home library is enough to make anyone swoon.

Made for reading Emma Cline.

9. This one is for the boho-loving bibliophiles looking for a reading oasis.

We're surely curious about how the books fair outdoors on a porch like this, but, heck, it looks great so there's that.

10. Farmhouse meets vintage meets dark academia meets minimalism: this mini home library is satisfyingly soothing and jealousy-inducing.

Historical fiction and french poetry must live on these shelves.

11. This creative home library lives in a sunlight-drenched hallway with natural wood decor and red accent rugs

Currently mourning the fact that we do not have this exact hallway in our homes, nor the immediate ability to recreate it. A moment of silence, please.

12. Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and a subtle hint of boho styles all combine to create this light, airy, plant-strewn home library.

This easily could have been pulled from the interior design vision boards in our minds.

13. This quintessential dark academia themed library just screams coziness.

We have two moods. The home library from #12, and this one. We also need both in our homes like yesterday.

14. This in-home library with the plant, window, and area rug we'd sell our souls for looks like an actual library

Made for reading literary romance and 19th-century poetry only.

15. For fans of the rainbow method of book organization, this home library mixes eclectic, industrial, and Moroccan design styles to cater to lovers of color and pattern

This room is for reading Fredrik Backman, no ifs, and, or buts about it.

Which plant-inspired home library are you swooning over? Let us know in the comments! We'll check them after we get back from Lowe's with supples to build our own dream home libraries!


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