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Copy Edit

Checking the nitty-gritty details of the language in your manuscript.

We’ll be the language police, ensuring the use of proper and effective grammar and punctuation to convey your message in a polished and readable way. We’ll do basic fact-checking and ensure the consistency of specific writing style (OK vs. okay, contractions/no contractions, etc.). It is highly recommended that the author complete all developmental work and editing prior to this service, as the developmental phase can result in major changes to the manuscript.

This Service Includes

✓ Editorial Assessment Fee Waived ($250)

✓ Basic Proofreading

✓ Consistency Check

✓ Fact Check

✓ Style Sheet

✓ Basic POV/Tense Check

Not Included

✗ Clarity & Flow Check

✗ Effectiveness/Pacing check

✗ A FREE Developmental Consultation Through a Google Meet Session (Up To 60 Minutes)

✗ Basic Narrative, Plot, & Characterization Check

✗ Relevance to Target Audience Check

✗ Industry and Genre Expectations Check

✗ Guaranteed Availability for Further Editing Needs PLUS a 5% Discount

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