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Developmental Edit

The most comprehensive service that covers all the bases.

After our included developmental consultation session, we’ll journey deep into the structure and content of your book. This edit includes everything from the Line & Copy Editing packages, plus advice regarding sections that can be removed, rearranged, or built upon to improve the manuscript as a whole.

This Service Includes

✓ Editorial Assessment Fee Waived ($250)

✓ Basic Proofreading

✓ Clarity & Flow Check

✓ Consistency Check

✓ Fact Check

✓ Style Sheet

✓ POV/Tense Check

✓ Effectiveness/Pacing check

✓ A FREE Developmental Consultation Through a Google Meet Session (Up To 60 Minutes)

✓ Narrative, Plot, & Characterization Check

✓ Relevance to Target Audience Check

✓ Industry and Genre Expectations Check

✓ Guaranteed Availability for Further Editing Needs PLUS a 5% Discount

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